Changes to Credit Recovery

Changes to Credit Recovery
Posted on 07/14/2023
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Changes to Credit Recovery

Important changes are being implemented for the study skills and credit recovery programs at ALL high schools for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. These important changes aim to provide additional support, ensure timely completion, promote academic integrity, and strengthen the overall learning experience.

• On-demand tutoring with certified teachers will now be available during class time, providing valuable academic support to students when they need it.

• Grades earned in credit recovery courses will be entered into PowerSchool (each grading period), ensuring that they factor into the academic letter, eligibility for sports and activities, report cards, and GPA calculations.

• Classes must be completed within one semester, without extensions. This policy emphasizes the need for effective time management and encourages students to stay on track.

• Credit recovery courses will be listed on transcripts under Century High School, while traditional classes will be listed at the student’s high school (LLHS or VHS).

• Students must complete 100% of the assigned work with a passing grade. Any student not meeting this requirement by the end of the semester will receive a grade of No Credit (NC) or Fail (F).

• Maintaining academic integrity is crucial. Cheating may result in restarting the class from the beginning, reinforcing the value of honesty and ethical behavior.

• To ensure awareness and understanding, both parents and students will be asked to sign a guide confirming their acknowledgment of the new policies.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Credit Recovery Guide.

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